View Full Version : Re: Which pedals: nylon or metal?

August 17th 03, 06:18 PM
On 17 Aug 2003 00:38:45 -0700, (Joe Samangitak)

>Help me decide on nylon/plastic or metal alloy pedals. My older bike
>had metal pedals and my newer bike, a Mongoose hybrid, came with these
>newer Wellgo nylon pedals; like in the picture below:
>Both pedals are of comparable design. Some of the pro's and cons I see
>between the two are: nylon pedal lighter (which is good), doesn't spin
>as easily (which is good), but the teeth will wear out faster than the
>metal one (however, its cheap to replace). Only advantage I can see to
>using the metal pedal instead is that the teeth don't wear down.
>Between these two, which would generally be considered the better

I just tested this. Wellgo plastic pedals are a bit slippery if any
water or lubricant gets on your shoes or pedals. I switched to Odyssey
metal pedals, they are great. Go with metal.


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