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July 17th 03, 04:20 AM
I want to know something very important!

Which jurisdiction maintains the 8th Street Viaduct (the roadway from
State Avenue to McLean Avenue that goes over Mill Creek)?

I don't think it's the state, since OH 264 uses the Waldvogel Viaduct
instead. Is it the county? The city? My guess would be the county, since
roads maintained by Hamilton County usually tend to be much worse than
those maintained by the city of Cincinnati.

The reason I ask is that I'm damn sick and tired of the bike lane being
covered with broken glass every damn day. It looks as if whatever
jurisdiction that maintains the road simply sweeps all broken glass from
the main traffic lanes, the sidewalk, and elsewhere right onto the bike
lane. Either that or everyone who throws glass from their car windows on
the viaduct just happens to hit the bike lane with perfect precision.

I got another damn flat tire from this today, and I was so damn mad I
was about ready to blow my stack. You can't even see all the glass, so
you can't really avoid it.


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