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Ryan Cousineau
July 17th 03, 05:13 AM
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Kevan Smith /\/\> wrote:

> OK, maybe conquers isn't the right word. But he made it!
> He finished the famed stage 136th, only ... um ... er .... 42:19 behind
> winner
> Iban Mayo, the spanish freak. Overall, our man Mazzoleni is 112th, 53:41
> behind
> the maillot jaune. However, as a bit of good news, he's tied with George
> Hincapie in the King of the Mountains competition with seven points! Forza
> Mazzoleni!

Look. You can make fun of Mazzoleni as much as you like. But he's out
there, gutting it out, doing what's best for the team, and looking good
doing it.

He's already won the race he was going for this year (the Tour de
Reves), so it's only fair that, like Lance working for Heras at the
Vuelta, Mazzoleni should provide a little domestic help now.

Ryan Cousineau, http://www.sfu.ca/~rcousine
President, Fabrizio Mazzoleni Fan Club


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