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Tetsuo Shima
April 23rd 04, 08:08 PM
"Gary S." <[email protected]> wrote in message
> On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 03:41:00 GMT, Mike Vandeman >
> wrote:
> >On Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:59:05 +0100, "Tetsuo Shima"
> >wrote:
> >
> >.> True, but BIKES don't have any right to be on trails. In case you
> >.> noticed, they aren't human.
> >.>
> >.I honestly don't see the problem, I pass horesriders on the trails and
> >.seem nice enough, (no resentment going on.) Even other cyclists get on
> >.with other peds and horseriders.
> >.
> >.IMHO I think it's down to the few that spoil it for the many, you get
> >.idiot to make a bad name for others.
> >.
> >.'nuff said.
> >.
> >.At what point did I say that BIKES were human? Valid aguments only
> >
> >Nobody objects to mountain bikers being on the trails. We only object to
> >being on the trails. Get it? God, you guys are dense!
> >===
> Who is this "we" you refer to?
> You claim to speak for many, but none of them seem to exist
> independently of you.
> You claim that mountain bike ownership causes bad behavior, and you
> routine insult the PEOPLE who use them, no matter how or where.
> Listening to your own drivel so many times has made you unable to see
> how you hurt your own cause, alienate those who might agree with you
> in large part, and how inconsistent you are in what you say.
> How sad that if you are remembered at all in the future, it will be as
> an offensive, ineffectual kook full of hatred.
> Happy trails,
> Gary (net.yogi.bear)

I'm not really sure he knows what he's on about. He says BIKES aren't
allowed on trails, but Mountain bikers are. Correct me if i'm wrong,
wouldn't it look daft a mountain biker riding down a trail with no bike.
Maybe the eejit means motorbikes, if he doesn't he'd be better off turning
his PC off.

April 23rd 04, 08:12 PM

Tetsuo Shima
April 23rd 04, 08:26 PM
"matt" > wrote in message
.. .
You see the mess they make?

Brett Jaffee
April 23rd 04, 11:19 PM
"matt" > wrote in


Just not after midnight...then they turn evil.


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