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Gary S.
April 24th 04, 05:21 PM
On Sat, 24 Apr 2004 08:02:17 -0400, "Daniel Lauring"
> wrote:

>Congrats on adding a coherent argument to the debate. Mikes stuff is so
>poorly written and argued as to be totally worthless to his side.
>In my opinion, you implied the real difference in "damage" to the trail, of
>bikers to hikers, without emphasizing it.
>Once trails are open to bikers, they tend to get more biker traffic than
>hiker traffic. This is what really causes the added erosion. I think
>anyone would be a fool to argue that on a mile per mile comparison a
>mountain bike causes more erosion than a horse.
>Having said that, it leads to other questions.
>1. Could trails be made to support the added traffic? (say by applying some
>type of suface material...not concrete or blacktop, but something more
>natural that would hold down the surface.)
>2. Would more trails lead to less erosion due to spreading out the traffic?
>3. Would limiting access volume help? (say only allowing so many entries
>per day...etc.)
>4. Should trails be physically closed during wet periods?
>5. Should access fees be charged?
>It would be nice to see a healthy, logical debate.
This is an excellent example of the sort of rational debate here which
Mikey's approach completely stifles. See his response, utterly
reflexive and unreasoning and uncompromising.

A data point for you in this area would be to look at the Walden Woods
Project here in Massachusetts. This has been rebuilding erosion damage
and hardening trails and protecting vegetation around Walden Pond,
which is heavily used both by fans of HDT, but as one of the better
recreational walks in the area.

Very impressive use of high-thought, low-tech trail building
techniques to stabilize soil and encourage plant growth. Another few
years, it will be visually close to what Henry saw from his cabin, and
able to handle the many visitors.

Happy trails,
Gary (net.yogi.bear)
at the 51st percentile of ursine intelligence

Gary D. Schwartz, Needham, MA, USA
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April 24th 04, 05:33 PM
"Gary S." <[email protected]> wrote in message

> Happy trails,
> Gary (net.yogi.bear)

No fair, Gary. But the exception always proves the rule!

Wouldn't it be funny if you guys could get a constructive debate going in
spite of it all? Being driven to the margins must shatter certain
personality types!!

Kum Ba Ya and all...


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