View Full Version : Help on replacing a stolen bike -- (what to get?)

Joe Potter
July 21st 03, 10:50 PM
Hello all,

In 1997 I got a Trek 720 hybrid. I did not ride it till this year, and then
I got into riding and loved it. I had the damn thing all tricked out to go
to work on it this year. (I teach)

I need the exercise to stay fit, so I will have to replace the bike.
Unfortunately for me, this came at a terrible time. My wife just lost her
job due to cut-backs and we find there is no real money for this.

So, I hope to get one in a few months for under $500. I love to ride on the
streets --- I like trails but have no time to go there.

I am thinking IBEX Corrida CT 2.2 for $369 plus $35 shipping. Is this a good


Any ideas out there?


Regards, Joe


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