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July 22nd 03, 04:35 PM
Here are some answers to the questions we're asked about the upcoming Northeast
Bicycle Swap Meet on August 24, 2003 in Bloomfield, CT

Q: Is this swap meet associated with the Larz Anderson Show?
A: No, it is not part of the Larz Show. We set up this swap meet in response
to changes in the Larz show. The organizers of this year's Larz show were
critical of the past few year's "Flea Market" environment of the swap (using a
photo of our shop truck loaded with old bikes as an example of what was _not_
wanted...). The Northeast Bicycle Swap Meet _strives_ to be a flea market
environment. Lots of bicycles and parts in all states of condition. Good
selection, good prices, free admission, cheap vendor space, food, music, etc.

Q: Can I bring cycles to show and display, but not to sell?
A: Certainly!

Q: It's being held at the New England Musclebike Museum. Does that mean the
swap is focusing on Musclebikes?
A: No. It is open to all styles: Antique, lightweight, balloon, roadster,
motorized, whatever. Bring what ya got. We have registrations from vendors in
all categories.

Directions, registration form and more info at: http://OldRoads.com/swap

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