View Full Version : Ullrich not weasel ( is there an emoticon for sheepishness?)

July 24th 03, 09:46 PM
I have watched the stage (on tape) and have this to say, which I hope
reconciles the seemingly disparate reports. This may mark me as one
to jump to conclusions but I am hopeful that it will also mark me as
one who can admit when I'm wrong.

Hamilton did slow the group, knowing that Armstrong would be back. I
also believe that Ullrich didn't want to slow if he didn't have to and
was waiting for information one way or the other. He did look back,
and did slow a bit and even more when he found out that LA was still
in it. He did do the honorable thing, and deserves respect for it.

So, no, Ullrich is not a weasel.



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