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July 10th 03, 01:47 PM
Ok, thanks! I'll watch for some on my next trip to Wal-Mart.


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July 10th 03, 03:58 PM
nikkifrog wrote:
> *By the way, you will be at NAUCC this year, right? Will you be able
> to compete? How's your leg doing?*

A. I will be attending the first part of NAUCC. I have to bug out on
the 4th for a gig I booked before NAUCC dates were announced. I never
thought an event in Aug would interfere with my NAUCC attendance...argh.
I've only missed one since 1985 and this will be the first time I will
have to leave early.

B. I will not be competing, just doing mostly MUni rides and helping out
where I can. Probably be working with Unicycle.com most of the time.

C. My leg is still attached. I have not gone a day without pain since
September 26th and I don't expect to for quite some time yet. I'm doing
a lot of riding on road and off. I'm not practicing any freestyle, I
don't feel comfortable with my coordination yet.
My best day riding so far I put in a total of 35 Miles: 4 miles on a
20in riding beside my wife, Katie (who is now riding solo!), 5 miles off
road at 'Lebanon Hills'
(http://www.mtbmn.com/trailreviews/metro/lebanon.shtml), and two 13 mile
road rides with a 700c wheel.

I'm still far from 100% recovered but this is much better than my first
post injury ride on April 1st. On that day I cried because I could
still ride and then I cried again ten minutes later when I couldn't ride
any more. I feel stupid saying I cried, but there were a lot of
emotions from doing something that I thought I might never be able to do
again after having done it for 20 years.

Enough about that, I just have to brag on my wife a bit...this morning
she rode over 4 miles (6.5km) solo with no dismounts! For the past week
and a half we have been riding 4 miles together every morning at 530a
before she goes to work. We've been riding on a paved path around a
nature preserve that is less than flat so she's been getting a good
workout. Katie is ace! She's the ultimate mate, the whole time we
dated I never once asked her if she wanted to try the uni, then one day
she asked me if she could try and the rest is history.

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