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July 10th 03, 08:33 PM
How is it for doing jumps and drops compared to the Fireball? How much
tire pressure does it need to keep from folding over when doing side
hops and does that amount of tire pressure affect it's jumping?

Are you going to be at nationals in Minnesota, and are you going to
bring that tire?

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July 10th 03, 09:10 PM
what are the ups and downs of the rounder profile?

Please...just the comparission between the Hoggy-G vs Fireball, not what
people assume they think would be the difference.

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wow that actually sounded pretty good i could write dictionaries when
i'm older...
- * treepotato*
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Frank A.
July 11th 03, 07:17 PM
I'll try to answer things as best as I can. I haven't had any time to do
anymore riding and I probably won't till late tomorrow.


The Fireball measures 2-3/4" at it's widest point which is near the top,
where the flat tread makes what is nearly a right angle to the


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