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Sarah Miller
July 10th 03, 10:15 PM
Naomi > wrote:

> "Roger Davies, the RavenClaw Quidditch Captain was sitting a foot and a half
> away with a pretty blonde girl"

> As far as I know, Quidditch has only been played on unicycles and
> broomsticks. And the coincidence goes further: Nimbus appears to refer to
> both a unicycle frame and a broomstick.

> Some come on:.... out with it.... tell us all......and who is the blonde
> girl? ;-)

Thats Claire, she doesn't play quidditch and isn't name checked in the
book as she is extremly modest and retiring. Roger has been Ravenclaws
Quiddtich captain for a while now, in fact I think he may be a little slow
as he seems to have been held back a year, I thought he should have left
last year, maybe hes doing Newt re-sits.

As for quidditch ONLY being a unicycle and broom stick game, at least one
Uk school claim to have played it on foot, not sure of the intimate
details tho. There is another game that is played on unis and brooms
however, gladiators as its known to muggles is a direct equiviant to

> Naomi
> ( reading the adult cover version: honest. and being unspeakable nosy as
> well )
I've only read the kids cover copy, but I've read it twice before I handed
it back to the liabary. The sorting hat put me in Ravenclaw, I've not
tried out for the quidditch team, too busy refereeing.

Hope that helps clarify nothing much.

Union of UK Unicyclists
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July 10th 03, 11:45 PM
I found the passage as I read through... a bit of a risque passage for
Harry Potter. Hmmmm......

I can't wait to hear Roger's reply!

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July 11th 03, 09:43 AM

Claire of course :-P

(and she hasn't finished the book yet so I can not read it!)

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July 12th 03, 03:45 AM
om> wrote in message
> :-)
> Claire of course :-P
> (and she hasn't finished the book yet so I can not read it!)

That answer of course studiously ignored the quidditch connection query!!!
Do we have to wait for the last chapter of the last book?

C'mon, we want beans on the floor, or I'll tell you who dies before you
get to read it.

Naomi ;-)

July 12th 03, 09:49 PM
Naomi wrote:
> *
> C'mon, we want beans on the floor, or I'll tell you who dies before
> you
> get to read it.
> *

What, Vader's not Lukes father- you're wacked!


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