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July 11th 03, 05:02 AM
I have seen a couple of posts on this and looked around for some time to
find something that would hold a KH24 with a Fireball or Gazz. I found
it. THis may have been alluded too by John Foss in an earlier post, but
he mentioned that he hadn't found one online. Of course it is possible
this is completely different as well.

I found this online, but after 3 calls to local Army/Navy supply stores
I was able to find one locally. Exact same model as well. I am farely
certain that I can fit the KH24 and 20" Torker in the same bag. It
measures 50 inches tall by 30 inches wide. It has a zipper the length
of the bag for easy access. I think with some packing it will travel


'Duffle Bags' (http://tinyurl.com/gm2p) I paid $2 more locally, but I
know it fits. I hope this helps those of you looking for a solution.

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