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July 13th 03, 07:15 PM
This morming I jumped back on the 28"er and set out for a little more
distance. Today's route took me to the Hike and Bike trail system that
links most of the old Spanish Missions here in San Antonio. I started at
9:30 hoping to finish before the Texas heat became too much to bear. On
the way out, I encountered quite a few cyclists without as much as one
"where's your other wheel?'
The remarks I received this time were from simple statements like
"awesome" and a "WOW" to a very complimentary "you get all my
The ride itself was very enjoyable. I managed to pull off a full 7
miles before finally succumbing to the temperature and doing my first
dismount as I decided to take a break and cool down by laying on a park
bench under a big pecan tree.
As I laid there I haerd voices and looked over to see a group of about
5 cyclists talking and pointing at my uni, so of course, I had to get up
and strike up a conversation with them. They asked how far I was going
and when I told them I should finish out at around 10 miles they looked
stunned!!! They were shooting for the same distance on 2 wheels. We
spoke a little more as I bid them adieu and jumped back on and rode
away. (Thank God , I nailed the freemount!!!!!!!!)
When I got back to the car and check my computer, I found that I did
make it to the 10 mile mark with .3 miles to spare. Average speed was
only 7.8 and topped out @10.8 mph. but I'll get faster as I get more
miles under my belt.
Even with the heat, it really worked out to be a pretty good ride

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July 14th 03, 05:43 AM
Great job!!

I went out for a long 29er ride this morning too. I set out to push the
29er's muni limits and did just that. Total of 16 miles, mostly off
road. The trail I was on is about half smooth single-track and half rock
garden or sand. I made it through most of the rocky stuff by going slow
and carefully chossing my line. The sandy stuff was hard, but I made it
through more than I thought I could. There was also the ever-present
cloud of moskitos following me. I UPD'd a few times but always landed on
my feet. My worst was on some muddy, rooty stuff where I was runnign it
out, bent way forward, and tackled a tree with my shoulder. OUCH that
hurt!!! I jump up and down a bit and dropped a couple F-Bombs. The
moskito cloud forced me to re-mount quickly and keep my speed up. The
Muni Militia's mantra is "F.I.D.O.", (F_ck It Drive On).

I was pretty wiped out by the end of the ride. It took me 2.5 hours to
finish. I celebrated with a 24 ounce Corona and a nap.

Rockin' it out in Iowa...... Mojoe

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