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July 14th 03, 03:40 AM
Our family and two of the boys' friends attended Byronfest in Byron, IL
this afternoon for a fun day of festing and uni riding. Byron is
another small Illinois town about 40 minutes northwest of Rochelle. We
knew that Ken Shultz (of Navy Pier fame) and Frank Birdsall would be
riding in the parade and street performing throughout the fest. (JF,
Frank sends his best.) The parade was great but especially more so for
us since we haven't been spectators at a parade in over two years. When
we met up with Frank and Ken, Frank invited the boys to perform with him
at his 3:00 p.m. show. What a great time! The boys did a fantastic job
and Mom and Dad were so proud.

Here's the link to the gallery of pictures and video clips:


See you at NAUCC!

yoopers - Bruce & Mary Edwards
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July 14th 03, 06:08 AM
Nice pictures Bruce. It looks like the kids had a good time.

I really like the back/front clown bike. It's an interresting bit of
engineering and creativity. I imagine they get into trouble when they
spot a mime though, with both of them trying to run poor bugger over. ;)

jason - Just some guy
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