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July 26th 03, 11:26 PM
Never mind . . . found another pamphlet packed away in the shipping box . .
.. got it together and all is well . . .
Thanks anyway . . .

> wrote in message
> UPS delivered my shiny new bike yesterday, and I've got it all put
> except for hooking up the shift cable to the hub. This is the first time
> I've messed with these things, the owner's manual doesn't shed much light
> the situation--it has a blurry postage stamp size picture--and sure could
> use some advice . . .
> The cable has a round thingy (a clamp fastened on to the cable with a
> at the end, and I presume it fits into an indentation on a part of the
> I dunno how, though; the round thingy doesn't quite reach the indentation,
> and I don't know if I should unscrew the clamp and move it an inch so it
> will reach, or if I shouldn't mess with it . . . Also, I can see a couple
> different ways to route the last few inches of the cable around the hub,
> I don't know which way is preferred and which way will interfere with the
> hub's operations. It would help if I could get a good photo of this
> thing's final assembly, but such things seem to be rarer than photos of
> George Washington.
> Would appreciate any tips from the experienced experts . . .
> 10,000 thanks,
> --Tock


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