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Jeff Orum
July 30th 03, 04:09 PM
Terry Morse > wrote in message news:<tmorse-
> Santa Rosa to Napa is a cake walk on a bike. I ride those roads
> often. Don't use your failure to find a rider as proof that the
> roads there are hostile to cyclists. They are not.

Well said Terry, I completely agree. I've ridden in that area quite
often and have never had a problem.

The other leg they decided to abandon - out of Arcata - is difficult
but also quite doable on a bike. The roads are most certainly not
unsafe as Mr. Krieg claims. Been there, done that.

The claim that these aborted relay legs make the case for them is a
bunch of hooey!

Joshua Putnam
July 31st 03, 07:04 AM
In article >,

> We also lost another relay leg. We had to pull the Santa Rosa to Napa
> leg as Bill Haluzak of Bicycles by Haluzak, could not find anyone brave
> (or suicidal) enough to undertake that 42 mile connection.
> Do not all of these aborted relay legs make the case for the need for a
> National Bicycle Greenway?

Does your inability to find a rider for a relatively safe, popular route
make the case that even your ceaseless self-publicity has limits to its
effectiveness? It's summer, the weather is good, college students are on
vacation, and you can't find someone to ride 42 miles in wine country?

is Joshua Putnam
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