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Garrison Hilliard
August 3rd 03, 01:09 AM



Garrison Hilliard
August 3rd 03, 05:51 PM
(Papayahed1) wrote in message >...
> (Garrison Hilliard) wrote:
> >...p.s. And I WILL be down there at 4 a.m. - look for the guy in a yellow and
> >black jersey with black bib shorts on riding a blue Schwinn "Traveler"
> >with racks on it (it's my commuter bike... I'm not taking anything
> >terrific out in the rain!).
> Looked for you Garrison, but obviously didn't find you. I was the one with the
> old Bridgestone with a trail-a-long with the 6 yr old kid on it.

I didn't see any trailalongs, although I did pass a few trailer
bikes... I was really just concentrating on getting the ride over as
as possible due to the rain and passed bunches of people without
them (although I did give a word of encouragement to the parapalegic
the recumbent handcycle when I passed him on Madison Avenue). I didn't
even stick around to hear the prizes being awarded!

> Oh yeah-we were wet...

What an odd coincidence... so was I! :-)


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