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August 20th 03, 04:38 AM
Ouch!!! That's gotta hurt.

I never pass Bikes. Maybe I need to add a Blue Shift to my wish list.
A geared uni... wow!

Hope you heal quickly. --chirokid--


"Unicycling can make you proud then humble in very quick succession."

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August 20th 03, 05:49 AM
I consider that little accident to be just your warm up for the
Vancouver Island Muni Weekend. I expect to see more displays of
artistic falling and bloodshed from you this weekend. There is an
elevated skinny somewhere on the island with your name all over it.

john_childs - Guinness Mojo

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August 20th 03, 08:01 PM
unibiker wrote:
> *I hope you took the day off rather than adding to the pain by showing
> up at work in shreds. *

You write that as if I have some common sense. I worked all day after
patching myself up and then passed the third bike on the way home.

John Childs enjoys seeing me fall and I am sorry he missed that one.
He'll see plenty on Vancouver Island. I think I'll get him on Blue Shift
and goad him on to pass some bikes himself. He usually responds well to
peer pressure.

harper - Old dog, no tricks

-Greg Harper


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August 20th 03, 08:29 PM
I also love passing bikes when on one wheel. I passed a few bike
tourists in Norway and occasionally pass them commuting to work too.

If you like this activity, I recommend you heal up and come down to
California for the Mt Diablo Challenge in October. This is the best
bike-passing event I know of. The course is 10.8 miles, almost all
uphill, but starts with a descent, so all the unicycles basically start
at the back of the pack. Then for the entire ride, you are passing
bikes. Last year there were 741 bikes and 9 unicyclists who completed
the course, and the first unicycle (Gary Kanuch on a Coker) came in
339th place! How's that for bike-passing?!

Surf on over to http://www.mtdiablochallenge.com/ and check it out.
Sunday Oct 5, 2003 is the date!


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