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August 24th 03, 01:49 AM
"BigWheelTex" > wrote
> so, how many dismounts did you have before you hit the mile mark?
> congrats on the mile. what size wheel?

5 if I fudge a little. My first quarter had several step offs. Then I did
a mile in 5 segments, longest was about 600 yards. Then I rode another
quarter in two segments. When I got off my legs were shaking. Need to
build up the stamina. I feel fairly confident I can hit 1/2 mile pretty
soon so my next real goal is 1 mile.

24" Torker (chrome one) with Viscount seat.


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August 24th 03, 04:46 AM
Man, I'm gonna be riding 2.1 miles to school on a 20" up and down hills,
and then 2.1 back the same way starting monday. If I didn't have my
experience, I don't think I could do it. My stamina from swimming is
also a major plus. I'm dreading how long it'll take me to adapt to the
4+ miles a day. Hello, Exhaustion:(. I must say, though props to you. It
took me well over 6 months to be able to do what you just did.:)


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August 25th 03, 05:12 AM
I've had kind of the same experience, cause my unicycle club (consisting
of about 5 people) went to the athletics track to practise racing. The
organisers had told everyone that some unicyclists were coming, but
everyone just thought that the organisers were playing a practical joke.
When we did finally show up, everyone just gawked at us like we were
from another planet. It was even more embarrasing when I found out that
I was only going to be racing against two others, both of which were a
lot younger than me. The hardest race that I found was the 800m, because
of the way that the track curved, but it was good, because we made a
rule at the start that we could remount if we fell off (even though I
stayed on the whole time). The funniest comment that I heard there
though, was when a girl and I were practising riding around on a hill
near the track, and a lady came out of her house and told us to stop
riding around. She yelled at me and when I asked her why (not in a rude
way, just out of curiousity), she replied "If two of you start riding
around up there, then everyone will start riding around up there."

Anyway, congratulations to you Cubby, it takes a lot of courage to ride
in front of everyone, especially when your by yourself!!!

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August 25th 03, 07:55 AM
a man said to me "i'll buy you the other half for christmas" and his son
was about 5 and he said "look mummy a girl on a wheel when i grow up can
i have one?"

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August 25th 03, 10:21 AM
Cubby01 wrote:
> *I had thought I was in the clear and it caught me
> totally off guard-Cubby
> *unicycler*
> *

which is why i firmly believe we should make it a standard bit of
'newbie' advice to browse the list of possible answers, pick one, and
stick with it untill u feel ready for uni-repartee


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