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August 24th 03, 02:37 PM
Be cool on and off the unicycles, rent a Mini-Cooper! :) --chirokid--


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August 24th 03, 08:29 PM
I'd say Muni's would fit in most cars along with gear and other people.
I reckon get a 4 door because that way you can have gear in the boot and
unicycles easily accessable in the back seat. They will fit into a two
door too but it's a pain folding down the seat to get to the back. If
some people fit two unicycles in a sack, surely you will have no trouble
squeezing them into a vehicle. Enjoy the three day weekend teachndad!

Rowan - .`.
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August 26th 03, 07:55 PM
A Ford Taurus has a nice large trunk. For muni weekends and such I'll
usually try to rent a Taurus.

Two munis are easy to fit in most trunks, even the cars smaller than the
Taurus. One trick for making more unicycles fit in a trunk is to remove
the pedals. A unicycle with no pedals takes a lot less space and is
easier to fit in the trunk. When you get to the ride destination put
the pedals back on. Just remember to bring a good pedal wrench.

Go for a four door car so you have easier access to the back seats for
throwing gear and luggage in the back seat.

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August 26th 03, 08:00 PM
John Childs' advice sounds real good. You get a much bigger trunk with
the bigger sedans. Sometimes it's only a few dollars more per day also.
Jacquie and I were originally presented with a Buick Century for NAUCC,
but it was too grandparent-looking so we opted for a 2-door Monte Carlo.
The lack of back doors was a pain, but the car looked a lot cooler and
had a cavernous trunk.

Don't forget to allow space for your luggage as it will be packed for
the trip to and from the airport. Also, if you aim large and pick up a
passenger or two for the longer drives (assuming you're thinking MUni
Weekend), they could chip in for the price difference on the bigger

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