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August 24th 03, 02:41 PM
Rochelle is celebrating its 150 birthday this summer. As part of the
celebration, the city has placed a time capsule (a stainless steel
coffin actually) in the town square amongst all the festivities.
Rochelle residents are welcome to place items in the capsule so, since
the latest copy of OOW features a Rochelle event, Mary and I will be
putting in a copy of the magazine. All items will be documented and
described for those opening the capsule 100 years from now.

Wanna stick around to see it opened? :)


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August 24th 03, 02:45 PM
Great job Bruce. Now we can be assured uni's will be around for at
least the next 100 years. :) --chirokid--


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August 24th 03, 04:23 PM
If I start saving now, maybe I'll have enough to fly there when it gets
The unicyclists 100 years from now are going to look at our rides now
and say, "they could actually ride those monsters?" They'll be riding
Shelly Holm unicycles (Kris's great-granddaughter, the foremost muni
rider and the first unicyclist to ride on the moon) and the newest sport
will be unicycle rapelling.

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August 27th 03, 07:30 PM
paco wrote:
> *(Kris's great-granddaughter, the foremost muni rider and the first
> unicyclist to ride on the moon) *
I was kind of hoping to ride on the moon in my lifetime. I hope it
doesn't take that long for someone to be the first.

I'd also like to give zero-G unicycling a go. Something like in a round
room, as seen on Skylab in the 70s, where the guys attempted to race
around a circular "track" of storage bin covers.

See also:

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