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August 25th 03, 01:48 AM
A couple of days ago I posted a request for pointers on freemounting.
I described what was happening and several of you sent some good ideas

chirokid suggested that I practice on a slight, downhill slope to keep
the wheel from kicking back (uphill). I took that idea and left my
deck and went down to the grass. I have a spot that's pretty level,
and about 8ft x 14ft. I found that the wheel doesn't move near as
easily as on the deck.

iunicycle said to LOCK THAT KNEE up! And that was exactly right, too.
I was getting lazy and not paying attention and just stepping on the
peddle. Duh.

Bottom line is that this evening I was able to freemount three times
in about half an hour! Not great, but I was happy! Now I have to get
more consistant at that while moving the seat SLOWLY back up to normal
riding height. I had lowered it a couple of inches to make
freemounting easier. Something I had read somewhere.

Anyway, once again a BIG THANK YOU to all who replied!


August 25th 03, 02:25 AM
Great job UniMike! Your well on the way to consistant free mounts every
place, every time.

Glad I could help. Now go have some fun, practicing some more!


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August 25th 03, 07:59 AM
plant yourself right in the middle of an big wide open space and say to
yourself you're not goign anywhere unless you get on wiht no help! it
works....sometimes sometimes you just get really annoyed and end up
getting in a streess with your uni but remember treepotato's famous
words 'it's always worth a try!'

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