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August 25th 03, 03:41 PM
The Bedford Unicycles Factory Team put on a couple unicycle shows in
Bradford at Carrot Fest on Saturday August 23rd.

Bradford is less than an hour North of Toronto and is the biggest carrot
producer in Canada, so they call their festival Carrot Fest.

We did a trials demo for a huge crowd on a warm sunny day. It was one of
the main attractions this year.
We have done unicycle hockey and unicycle basketball demos in previous
years at the same festival.
Over the years we have inspired kids from Bradford to start riding
unicycles. One of them was out this year trying to hop on our boxes.

Following the shows we allowed the public to try a unicycle. Little kids
to adults formed long lines waiting to try.

Riders were: Carl, Ryan, Nick and Sara
M.C. was Darren

Sara (from Germany) performed a bunch of freestyle tricks. Nice addition
to have her perform with our team.

Carl, Nick and Ryan did trials. Everything from boxes, ramps, sandwich
boards, platforms and rails. All the riders made it look real easy
hopping and riding over the structures.

The crowd was pumped and everyone had a good time.

Ryan did many big drops from over 6' onto the ground. Once blowing a
tube and another braking a seat post which lead to visiting Bedford
Unicycles shop for free replacement parts after the show.

The team will be performing 5 shows at the Junction Arts Festival on
September 13th & 14th.
We will have Jeff Groves as well to crush the car. He was attending the
Vancouver Island MUni week-end so he wasn't with us at Carrot Fest.


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August 25th 03, 06:08 PM
Darren you should have given me a heads up, I work in Bradford.
And only live 15 minutes from there. SO DIsappointed I missed
it now. Dang

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August 25th 03, 07:08 PM
Way to go Darren! You guys (and gal) ROCK !!!

any pics?


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