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August 28th 03, 12:32 PM
I just spent lots of money getting a KH24 with breaks and all the other
stuff but i have a problem. I just can't seem to ride it very well. The
unicycle itself it ok, there's nothing wrong with it. I think its the
cranks! I have hurd alot about how people hit the cranks with there
legs, yes this is a problem for me when wearing pads, soloutin? i take
the pads off :D works for me.

But what im realy talking about it the face that i can't even hardly
ride the thing. Rowan has a wilder 6160c an almost idential setup as is
on the KH24 (excluding frame and hub/cranks) the frame and hub don't
make a differnece to how you ride but the cranks do. I can ride his uni
very well even with shorter cranks and the seat up way to hight for me!
but when the seat was down and the cranks where long i could still ride
it so this doesn't make any differnece.

Anyway, the conclusion i have is that because the wheel, wheel size,
seat and crank length are the same it is almost an identical setup.
Except for the cranks. Looking at the profile cranks they come out of
the uni on a bit of an angle so when you ride your legs are further out
from the unicycle. On the Kris Holm uni the cranks are stright up and
down so your feet are rather close to the unicycle. This is the only
thing that i can thing of that is making my riding so bad on my new

Any segestions? are there any 8 spline cranks out there that have the
kind of angle on them the profiles have? I don't realy want to order
from the stats if i don't have to, i would like to be able to get them
eather from New Zealand or Oz if posable. Any help would
be....um......helpfull :cool:

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August 28th 03, 01:26 PM
James, I got my KH24 last week and was having trouble riding
it........dropping the tire pressure to 20psi or lower will certainly
help if you haven't done so already.
I am finding it is just taking some time to get used to.....I get better
on it every day........just keep on riding.

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August 28th 03, 07:28 PM
Adjust the tyre pressure by all means. Fiddle with the seat height if
you want. The effect of slightly different Q factors will be negligible
for normal riding. What you need to do is ride it and ride it and ride
it until you feel at home on it, then ride it some more.


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