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August 28th 03, 07:32 PM
Anyone built a wooden uni. Now that I can ride I thought it might be a
fun project.

By the way, If all goes well, I should pass my next personal milestone
of 1 continuous mile over the weekend. During last evenings 2 miles of
practice I had one stretch of 3/4 miles without stepping off. Felt
great except I knew I could have hit them mile had I not been distracted
by my wife's call.

24" Torker

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August 28th 03, 07:50 PM
Cubby wrote:
> *Anyone built a wooden uni. Now that I can ride I thought it might be
> a fun project. *
The answer, of course, is yes. Arne Tilgen had an article in an issue of
'Kaskade' (http://www.kaskade.de) in 2000 on novelty unicycles, one of
which was a wooden one. I had posted some pictures of them, but seem now
not to have them any more. If you're really interested, Arne's 'contact'
(http://www.kaskade.de/en/doc/kontakt.htm) information is available on
the Kaskade website and perhaps he can dig up the photo. The file name
he sent me was Holzeinrad.jpg. Holzeinrad means wood unicycle in

I'm pretty sure it was this 'issue'

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

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August 28th 03, 07:53 PM
'Not 100% wood, but still...'

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August 28th 03, 08:08 PM
JJuggle wrote:
> *At the suggestion of a colleague, I did a google search on
> "holzeinrad" and it turns out Arne has posted them himself. Here are
> the 'photos' (http://www.einart.de/Crazy.html) from the article.
> Raphael Lasar
> Matawan, NJ *

I did the same search myself just as you were posting. I like it but
It's a bit more 'raw' that I was thinking. Using raw limbs like that
is way cool.

I was thinking of something more along the lines of a highly finished
possibly sculptural work. Will have to mull it around a bit.

Thanks All,

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August 28th 03, 08:15 PM
Robert Flynn broght a wooden giraffe unicycle to the 1999 California
Muni Weekend in Santa Cruz. It had a fat ATV tire. The unicycle was
made for a kinetic sculpture race where they had to ride their
contraptions on a sandy beach. There is a picture of it here:
If you can find some other photo albums of the '99 muni weekend you
should be able to find some other pictures of the wooden muni giraffe.

The unicycle was shiftable by putting the chain on different cogs.
There was however a lot of slop in the drive train which made it
difficult to ride. I never gave it a try, but John Foss did and didn't
get very far.

Joe Stoltzfus made a wooden frame for a muni. He's a carpenter so
working with wood is what he does. Joe brought his wooden muni to the
2000 muni weekend in Lake Tahoe. John Foss has a picture of it in his
2000 muni weekend Ofoto album.
It's the picture of the brown uni in the rainbow colored bike rack.

Joe's wooden muni frame was made made with laminated wood in two halves
like the Schwinn frame.

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August 28th 03, 09:30 PM
I wonder how the bearings are mounted in a wooden unicycle frame? Wood
would be an excellent unicycle material, particularly ash, hickory, or
black locust.

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August 28th 03, 10:39 PM
Nathan Hoover wrote:
> *I think this was because the unicycle weighed 85 pounds...*
Weight is not much of a problem. But the near half-revolution of play
in the drivetrain is something that would take practice to get used to.
Combine that with a heavy uni and a fat tire, and it's hard to get it
going without spending some time working at it.

> * I was wondering if I was dreaming about
> those wooden ones Joe made. I've been so used to seeing him on the
> Hunter lately. But yes, both he and Jared rode those wooden Munis for
> a couple of years. I never got to try one though.*
Don't remember for sure if I rode one, but they were not only very
solid, they were lighter than they look. But they used a lot of resin
material of some kind to protect and strengthen them, so they were quite
a ways from being pure wood.

It would be hard to combine the aspects of an artfully designed, pure
wood unicycle with something you could actually ride more than a few
feet. I think it would be better to either focus on a piece of art, or
something useful for riding.

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August 28th 03, 11:51 PM
Or you could make the entire thing out of balloons. Talk about light!

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Klaas Bil
August 29th 03, 12:09 AM
On Thu, 28 Aug 2003 14:15:56 -0500, john_childs
> wrote:

>If you can find some other photo albums of the '99 muni weekend you
>should be able to find some other pictures of the wooden muni giraffe.

Also, there's another set of 2 pictures in one jpg here

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April 20th 05, 10:01 PM
Talk about a fat tire for trials!

On another note, how about filling frames with hydrogen or helium,
that'd lighten them up!:D

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April 20th 05, 10:47 PM
loosejello wrote:
> *On another note, how about filling frames with hydrogen or helium,
> that'd lighten them up!:D *
Upsi-dasiyum (sp?)would be better, Rocky might still have some.:D

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April 21st 05, 01:55 PM

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April 21st 05, 02:00 PM
it may have already been said,(not sure) but if youve been riding since
aug 2003 shouldnt you be able to ride by now. or did you jsut start and
register a while ago?

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