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August 30th 03, 08:53 AM
What a beast!

I got my new Deluxe Coker last night and went for a quick ride today:

First impressions- I coulnd't believe the size of that thing! OK I've
seen Tony and Peters' Cokers but never paid much attention because I
couldn't ride them (seatpost too long). So I lopped off most of my seat
post and had it as low as it would go (I'm 165cm/5'5). My Coker came
with a KH seat and 150mm BE cranks.

I jumped on it, half expecting to fall flat on my face, but I was
pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to mount! And how TALL I was on
it :D It hopped pretty well and felt a lot more stable and less twitchy
than my 29'er.

It took about five minutes to get the feel for the Coker. It
accelerated/decelerated slowly but not nearly as bad as I had
anticipated. In fact- I don't think I'll need to put brakes on- it
seems to stop OK. I rode up some of the steepest streets in my
neighbourhood- it felt rather sluggish because I was not able to crank
up the high cadences of my 29'er. I think I was probably going at a
similar speed though. (And there are some pretty steep streets where I
live). Downhill and the flatter bits was a different matter altogether.
It just hummed along! I see what some of you guys (Mikefule?) mean by
cruise control. I had to ride on the road because I half-expected to
crash into a car backing out of a driveway while riding the footpath
(aka sidewalk).

I stopped at my local bike shop and they were most impressed. I started
off with a 20' and I've since worked my way up 26' 29' and now 36'!
"I hope you don't expect to buy an inner tube from us for that THANG!"

I rode another 5km before it started raining and I had to go home (to
get the washing in- I like riding in the wet :p)

I also did some gentle off-road on it, down this lumpy farm track. It
seemed to soak up all the bumps and roll over everything. Now I know
why Tony Melton and Peter Bier kicked my butt at the last mountainbike
race! They were using Coker+170mmm cranks on a relatively fast course.
I don't think it will be that great for more technical MTB courses but
we should all be much more competitive at this years 'Day/Night
Thriller' (http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albun28) 12hr mountainbike

Coker Convert
(Yes, I still maintain a 29'er is best for general MUni riding)

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August 30th 03, 09:02 AM
Ken, congratulations on your new Coker. It sounds like a very fun ride.


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August 30th 03, 03:46 PM
I'm glad you had a good time--I just got mine too, and am having a
similar experience on it... I pretty much just tried normal riding... no
jumping on or off curbs (I assume the wheel can handle that? :) ) or
riding off road but the on road experience was pretty good. As long as
I was moving, it handled very well and I was able to take the hills
without any problem. I did notice that if I tried to change speed fast
that I would have to pull down on the seat a lot more than anything

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