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Nathan Hoover
September 3rd 03, 10:03 PM
Beau and I couldn't make the VIMW but will be up there in a couple of weeks.
Our schedule is:

Thursday Sept 18: Arrive Whistler 11am, do www.ziptrek.com tour noon-3pm
Friday Sept 19: Muni at Whistler using the lifts, approx 10-4pm
Saturday Sept 20: No riding
Sunday Sept 21: Muni at NorthShore, approx 11-3pm

See http://www.whistler-blackcomb.com/bike/ for info on Whistler. I'm
thinking we might have a Muni weekend up there sometime assuming it's as
great as I've heard.

Let me know if you're interested in riding those places at those times.


September 4th 03, 01:37 AM

Sounds like a great trip, you might just want to double check on the
north shore trails, durring the VIMW they were closed due to fire

Have a great time!


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September 4th 03, 02:41 AM
Thanks for the info. Looks like the closure will continue until there is
rain. So I am in the unusual state of praying for rain so I can go
riding...weird. It's the whole of southern BC and just now it's been
extended to all backcountry travel.

I don't see how it can NOT rain up there in the next two weeks, so we
will probably get to ride.


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September 4th 03, 02:48 AM
Checkernuts wrote:
> *
> Sounds like a great trip, you might just want to double check on the
> north shore trails, durring the VIMW they were closed due to fire
> hazard.
> *

Yup. A lot of BC is closed due to the fire dangers.

'NSMB.com' (http://www.nsmb.com/) has an article about the backcountry
restrictions on their web page.

Info from the Canadian government about the fire restrictions:
'Backcountry Travel Restricted In Response To Fire Risks'
'Ministry of Forests info page' (http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/protect/)

With Whistler being one of the few places open (at least at this time)
it may be very crowded with bicyclists desperate to get their dirt fix.
Anyone know how busy Whistler is? Is it too busy to be able to have
safe fun there on a muni? If the trails are crowded with bikes going
really fast it may not be a good place to muni.

The Northshore trails in Vancouver are also closed.

If they don't get some good rain you won't get to do as much muni riding
as you expect.

It's going to be interesting to see what the Northshore Extreme video
crew (Dangerous Dan and the others) do for filming this year with the
Northshore and most other riding areas being closed.

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