View Full Version : Re: Bush said mountain biking "has a mind-clearing effect". No ****.

Gary S.
August 4th 04, 05:07 AM
On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 18:54:17 -0700, "Jeff Strickland"
> wrote:

>"Mike Vandeman" > wrote in message
>> .I have no degree, and it is worth every cent that I paid. I still have a
>> .up on Mike despite his expensive degree.
>> Your leg is up, all right, but it's for a different reason. :)
>What, to pee on you? That is as good a reason as any to have my leg up I
>suppose. Idiot.
Some people insult others in a way that is funny, other people insult
others in a way that makes a point. Then there is Mikey.

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