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Marlene Blanshay
July 11th 03, 04:30 AM
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"Emily" > wrote:

> It might be ITB (ileotibial band) syndrome, which I also got during a
> century in May - also to the outside and below the left knee. I saw a
> sports medicine doc, who diagnosed it, and a PT, who gave me exercises to
> stretch it. Turns out my ITB was much tighter on my left side than my
> right. It was also recommended that I lower my saddle a bit, which I have.
> The pain went away gradually and was completely gone about 4 weeks
> post-century. I eased back on my riding and rode easier gears until then.
> It's fine now, but I am keeping up with my stretching just in case.
> A web search should point you to plenty of info - just look for "ITB
> Syndrome". It's common among runners, but cyclists get it too.
> Good luck!
> Emily

Yes, that turns out it was ITB. I saw my doctor right after that and got
some exercises and stretches to do. The good thing was I didn't have to
stay off the bike, instead just stick to the flats (hard to do entirely in
this city) and low gears. I also thought it was "runners knee" but yep,
cyclists get it though not as often. I will make it a point to do those
stretches every time I ride, no matter what.

Steve McDonald
July 11th 03, 10:29 AM
I had ITB Syndrome bad until 3 months ago, when I got wise to the
nature of it and started doing the lateral stretches. But, the
tightness of my IT bands affected where they went over the top end of my
thigh bone, not down by the knee. Most IT band information mentions
only pain around the knee, but some people get it up outside the hip
area. Now that I do a series of various stretches that have loosened my
Ilio-tibial bands, the pain and disability have disappeared.

Steve McDonald


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