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Jym Dyer
August 5th 04, 05:20 AM
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*** Central Park Moonlight Ride -- 10th Anniversary! ***

When: Friday, August 6, 10 p.m.
(Generally the first Friday of the month.)
Where: Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park
(Central Park South at Broadway)

Ten years ago, Giuliani was in his first term, "The Power of
Love" was the number-one song, and the crazy kids at TIME'S UP!
decided that an after-dark ride through the much-maligned
Central Park would be fun. Fast forward to 2004 and Rudy's out
of the picture, Celine is off the charts, but the Central Park
Moonlight Ride rolls on for its 10th consecutive year. Month
after month year-round, rain, shine, or snow, the ride has
treated us to uncommon pleasures in Central Park: planetary
viewings and Tavern on the Green decorations, the crunch of
leaves in the fall and the scents of blooming flowers in the
spring, poetry readings and Shakespearean backstages, wildlife
of the human and non-human kind, sleigh rides and swims, and of
course the joys of the park without the presence of automobiles.

Join us this Friday as we mark the 10th anniversary with what
else but a Moonlight Ride featuring some celebratory food and
drink and reminiscences of rides back in the day. As always,
the ride is free and open to bicyclists and skaters.

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Jym Dyer
August 7th 04, 03:50 PM
=v= Great ride. 130 people showed up!


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