View Full Version : Arrested on a bike? Let us know!

TIME'S UP! (via Jym Dyer)
September 1st 04, 04:40 PM
=v= TIME'S UP! is interested in getting together folks who were
arrested at Critical Mass or the Bike Blocs, plus anyone who was
arrested while on a bike: food distributors, legal observers,
medics, or just anyone caught in the excess of police activity
over the last few days. (We've heard rumors of people being
not cited but ARRESTED for rolling through red lights.)

=v= We do not expect or want you to give us incriminating info
that's best discussed only with your lawyer. We have pulled
together a form to help us keep track of people, so you can
download the PDF here:


or stop by 49 East Houston to fill it out. We will have more
information here on the TIME'S UP! website soon:




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