View Full Version : My first "Atikins" long ride

July 13th 03, 03:36 PM

I rode the Peach Pedal in Weatherford, TX, yesterday, on the 100K route. I
didn't finish, but that wasn't due to being on the Atkins diet. I ate
watermelon and peaches at the rest stops---all I wanted, yet when I tested
my urine for ketosis afterwards, I was still positive for burning fat
instead of carbohydrates. I felt fine the entire time: no unusual fatigue
or weakness. I didn't try the Gatorade, but I ate an Atkins energy bar

I made it to Rest Stop 6 at 50 miles but had to stop when the tread of my 1
year old Vittoria Pro-Team Action HSD tire separated in two places. My LSD
guy said he had never seen a bicycle tire do this! I was riding along when
I suddenly heard a "thump thump" sound and for a minute or two wondered if
my heart could pound THAT noisily. I stopped to look at the tire and was
amazed to see a bulging zig-zag in the rear tire. Another rider said I
should "finish the last 12 miles because with the Kevlar belt in the tire,
most probably it wouldn't blow." This definitely was one of those "should I
risk it or use my better judgment" type of times....when the mechanic took
the tire off, it was evident the Kevlar belt was spreading apart as well.
The main tear was diagonal and was about 1 1/2 inches long right in the
bearing surface of the tire. The secondary tear was on the sidewall.

So, I think this Atkins regimen is going to work out well with cycling. I
have lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks....

Pat in TX


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