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fairypenguin22 July 5th 08 06:55 PM

Today's Ride

So today I went out to ride at a walking track at my old elementary
school, conveniently located across the street from my neighborhood.
Next to the school is a little park with some curvy sidewalks that I
might use to practice turns. The track is a quarter-mile long, and I
was able to make it almost halfway around. I could have done better
except for one problem. My left foot kept slipping a little bit forward
on the pedal, and after a while it would slide off resulting in a UPD. I
don't know if this was a problem from trying a different shoe today or
from having crappy pedals on my 20" Sun. Today I wore 'Adidas Samba
indoor soccer shoes' (, I decided to try them
because I had read that most unicyclists like flat shoes. Otherwise I
wear 'Asics Gel-Frantic 2s'
(, I like
how the pedal can settle into the groove in front of the shox-like
things on the heel. How can I combat this slipping?


St. Louis, MO riders please PM me.
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