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[email protected] May 22nd 06 05:04 PM

The Coast to Coast Devon Charity Ride... really taking shape- check out our website at

The great news is that a local Fruit and Veg company- that's Ed's Fruit
and Veg- is letting us have FOUR vans for the day- that's two per group
on the road! This will make lots of difference to the riders, and allow
us to offer a closer support. It also means we can bring some riders
back to Barnstaple at the end of the day (if needed).

The number of riders are growing, as well; we are now looking at 2
sizeable groups. We are also beggining to get people registering on the
website to get their name up in lights!

The most amazing thing, (other than the 2 great write up's in this
months Cycling Plus magazine), is the number of original hits the
website is getting- averaging about 100 week! Amazing- shows that we
are targetting it right!

Only one thing left now- more riders! Fancy joining us for spin on
Sunday 9th July? Will help you forget your sorrows that we are not in
that evening's world cup finals! Seriosuly, there will be music played
over the PA whilst you ride, free food, and a great course. Guaranteed-
you do it once, you will be back next year!

Love to see you there!


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