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LIBERATOR June 3rd 07 03:05 AM

[video] "The Wall" at Deer Creek Canyon
I tried to go up it, got half as far as they did.

I can go down it, FAST!

Most won't try it up or down. These guys look to be like racers to me.
At least a couple of them. They also look to be RUSH people.

Note too, the top of the "Wall" where it starts going down, has been
severely modified by JEFFCO for "OUR SAFETY", the whole left side
(when facing downward) used to be huge obtrusive boulders sticking out
so that the path down the wall real narrow and you had to turn on a
huge obfusicated rock which was dangerous but required the highest
technical skills - they eliminated it, and I bet it was Chos/strong
female witch fanatics that did this out of "FEAR" of which they put
their FEAR on us because they put action to their fear, by modifying
what is PUBLIC, and was original, now defaced.

The Wall is far less than it was. The whole appeal to it was at the
beginning when you had to slither through the narrow, very rocky
treacherous path created by the large obfusicated boulders, pushing
you to the edge of the stairs, now it's all equal and flush and easy
to ride. GOd I hate women that practice witchcraft due to their fear
strewn souls...

It's a good video though.. These riders are excelled...

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