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Adam DAngelo October 17th 15 01:24 AM

Bonza Seeds -Beware
Bonza I am so sick of waiting are you all gonna make this right with me
I ordered seeds in your halloweed promotion..All the seeds I got didnt
hatch well but like 3 and they all hermi'ed.I am a breeder and know my
stuff my conditions were perfect.I have asked you all for replacement
seeds I dont know howe many times..If you all are a credible seed bank
make this right with me. My Order # is #41466 it is sad I had to do this
here. I have one question for you all at

Bonza if you bought a brand new ps4 from me wouldn't you expect it to
work once it was shipped to you? Well in my case u failed me I have a
youtube channel I am a medical Cannabis user meaning I Need my Cannabis
I had to take money I didnt have and go buy from a creadible USA based
seed company cuz you proved everything I herd about the seed trade from
other countrys...It is crap.You all send us the Americans the grade c-f
seeds not grade A.I am giving you all this one and last chance to make
things right in front of the whole world to see if your a credible
company make this right..And maybe respond to the emails I sent you
months ago with detailed pics and all data......

[email protected] July 21st 18 04:43 AM

Bonza Seeds -Beware
These guys are a complete rip off. 75% of my seeds were just rubbish-some were actually empty!!!! (no kernel) and the assholes have no contact so u can't complain, give feedback or even attempt replacement. An expensive mistake. TELL EVERYONE-they don't deserve any business. cfheers

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