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[email protected] September 14th 12 12:04 AM

Ed Dolan's 13th Final Farewell
On Sunday, October 30, 2011 9:57:39 AM UTC-4, Duane Hebert wrote:
On 10/30/2011 8:56 AM, Harry Brogan wrote:

On Sun, 30 Oct 2011 03:44:08 -0500, "Edward


There ought to be a rule that no one can be on Usenet until he has reached

the age of 40. Anyone under that age is still a juvenile in our society and

not worth a ****. If such are not blithering idiots, they are snot nosed

brats who think it is clever to be stupid. ****'em all I say.

These cycling newsgroups were once barely acceptable because of at least a

few intelligent posters. Those days are long gone. Anyone with the least

intelligence has left for greener pastures. All that is left are the

aforementioned youthful types - dumbasses and ****tards. ****'em all I say.

Cyclists by and large are stupid people. Racing cyclists are the dumbest.

All they have going for them is too much testosterone. Utility cyclists are

the least dumb. Touring cyclists are somewhere in-between. But cyclists who

post to Usenet are in a class of their own - the dumbest of the dumb.

Literacy is wasted on them. ****'em all I say.

My only purpose in ever being here was to get a few laughs. It was easier to

get a few laughs in the old days when there were some glimmers of

intelligence, but it is all so dumbed down now that only the extremely

stupid can get any laughs. Happy days are gone forever. ****'em all I say.

And so Ed Dolan the Great, aka Saint Edward the Great, leaves these

****ed-up newsgroups with the sincere wish that each and everyone of you

will go to Hell where all good dumbasses and ****tards belong or, failing

that, you can stay on these groups forever ****ing one another. That is the

one and only thing you are good at.

****'em all I say.

ANOTHER farewell Ed? Just as bad as I am. I simply can't stay away

from tese damne newsgroups. Have been using them since well before

the internet was such a huge thing. Remember when you had to dial

((YES DIAL)) in to a local BBS system to gain access.

The ****tards on here have absolutely NO idea what it's like to wait

an hour for a ONE MEG file to download.

Gimme a break. My first computer programming was with a PDP8.

Moving to a PDP10 that could do modem data at 110 baud was amazing.

I have been and probably always will be a VERY avid cyclist. I am NOT

a "spandex warrior" and I do NOT ride on ONLY those nice days when the

weather is perfect. Those assholes have too bad of an attitude to

actually enjoy the ride as they always seem to have the need to see

how FAST they can go from one place to another.

I don't count grams and could care less what the jerks think of my

ride. I don't own it to impress anyone else except me. PERIOD.

To those that look down their collective noses because I am on a

monster bike, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I can say go **** yourself.

I have been here on the internet and riding cycles for, probably, a

lot longer than you have.

So, you can keep your $$ 3000 carbon fiber bike that only sees the

light of day when there is absolutely NO possibilty of rain. I'll

keep plugging along on mine and will, in all likelihood, end up living

longer than you.

So what about those that have CF bikes and ride in the rain anyway? I


noticed anyone hear give you grief about your ride. Maybe I missed


But it seems like you're the one with issues.

To me, what's important is to ride my bike. I commute until the snow

falls. Sometime on the CF

and sometime on the CroMoly Bianchi tour.

PDP 8 huh?, I started on DTSS (Dartmouth Time Sharing System) using a KSR33 @ 110 Baud. We saved our programs on paper tape. A few years after that I moved on to RSTS on an PDP 11/45. Five giant megs of (removable) disk storage. I think the tires on my car are smaller than that 5 meg cartridge was. Those were the days.

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