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Opus[_2_] August 30th 11 03:25 PM

Party Wednesday night, party with a dead guy
10 years ago this Wednesday, I died. OK I didn't stay dead, but I was
dead for at least a minute. To celebrate my undeadness there will be a
little get-together in back of the church I attend on the covered
patio. It's a zombie theme party but don't worry your brain is safe if
not your booze.

For those that are not up on the story on August 31 about 0115 a guy
in a white pickup truck decided he didn't like that I was riding a
bicycle on the road and made a u-turn around the median to try to kill
me. He had gotten up to between 45 and 65 MPH with the accident
investigator saying from the height and distance my body travelled
after the impact that the 65 MPH number was much more likely than any
lower speed. When the first witnesses got to me I had no pulse or
respiration, but by the time trained first responders arrived I had re-
booted and was breathing on my own. I regained consciousness in the
ambulance in the middle of telling a bad joke about how it had to be a
truck that hit me because the buses didn't run that late. Yes I was
delivering the setup while I was still unconscious, I also gave the
home address I lived in when I was in high school 25 years earlier in
another state, as well as my parent's phone number in a third state
that I didn't live in, all while actually unconscious. While I had re-
booted I still hadn't finished loading the current setup and data. I
was able to tell them that I had broken the upper end of my femur,
which at the time was the only discomfort I felt at the time in spite
of the fact that my lower leg looked like a bomb had gone off in it
with muscle and blood spilling out of it.

The helmet I was wearing that night will be on display beside the
diced brains (Jello mixed with whipped topping or sour cream, I'm
fixing both) so you can see why I talk funny now. While this is a
Zombie party you can come however you want, I have heard there may be
at least one representative from Umbrella Corp. for zombie control in
case we run out of "brains" and things get out of hand.

Sacred Journey Fellowship
1215 Main St.
Garland TX 75040

8PM (2000 hrs) CDT

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