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nickjb August 9th 04 09:20 AM

Comments on Saturday

I went for a ride around the mountain bike trail at Cwmcarn on Saturday.
What a beautiful day. I was out for about 3 1/2 hours which gave
plenty of mountain bikers the chance to pass me. I got loads of
comments ('That looks difficult', 'it's hard enough on two wheels',
'well done', and my favourite: 'now that is epic' amongst others). They
were all positive, one chap huffed and puffed a bit when he came up
behind me on a descent but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. And
then.... riding across the car park.... 15km travelled, 50 yards to
go..... one more couple to ride past.... and I get a "you've lost half
your bike". I was far too kn*ckered for a witty riposte. :D


nickjb - I've lost a wheel (apparently)
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Cumbria_Muni&Trials_Club August 10th 04 07:12 AM

Comments on Saturday

Sounds like a great ride Nick. What was the trail and what was it

Can you make it to BMW next month and what is your preferred email


Cumbria_Muni&Trials_Club - The home of Mountain Uni in Cumbria

Welcome to Cumbria - take only pictures, leave only one wheel track

CumbriaMuni (dot) com

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nickjb August 10th 04 09:32 AM

Comments on Saturday

It was the Twrch Trail:

A really nice bit of singletrack. I probably rode about half of it and
that was tough enough. There is a lot of climbing. I had a few
tiredness related UPDs at the end. The second half was great but it
would have been even more fun if I wasn't so knackered from the
climbing. It is possible to drive to the top so I might try and talk
someone into taking me up there :D

Should be fine for the next BMW. Have you booked us some nice

You can reach me on nickjbanks [at]

nickjb - I've lost a wheel (apparently)
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sarah.miller August 11th 04 04:39 PM

Comments on Saturday

The twrch trail at cym Carn is fantastic. I loved muniing it back in
October last year. The first half is nearly all up-hill, but it climbs
by switchback so its not a relentless climb. Then the second half has
some very exposed riding where the trail clings to the mountain side
and the veiws are fanstastic and airy.
AND the cafe is good and not very expensive.


sarah.miller - unicycist
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