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[email protected] June 9th 07 06:53 PM

new mountain biking website
Rydezilla, is an online community for
mountain bikers that features ride scheduling, trail information, and
detailed rider profiles. There are a number of trails based on GPS
coordinates, mainly in the Southern California area, but is capable of
supporting trails anywhere. There is an ability to upload your own GPS
trails onto the site with a cool 3D modeling tool that allows you to
see the trail in 3D. The creators of the site are hoping people go on
and upload their trails onto the site and create rides for those
trails. Each ride you log onto the site earns you experience points so
you can compare your level of ridership to others on the site.

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mischastar April 27th 10 10:53 AM

nice website - just a shame that the trail search is limited to the USA!

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