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MrCheerful November 14th 17 07:28 AM

Cyclist robs charity shop

Bod[_5_] November 14th 17 07:39 AM

Cyclist robs charity shop
On 14/11/2017 07:28, MrCheerful wrote:

I bet the driver was a cyclist:

Teenager denies dangerous driving after ‘smashing into four pedestrians’

Chelsea Desa, 19, was driving in Fulham last November 23 when she struck
four pedestrians and caused them ‘serious injury’.


Peeler[_2_] November 14th 17 11:33 AM

Wanker Birdbrain Macaw (now "James Wilkinson" LOL), the Sociopathic Attention Whore
On Tue, 14 Nov 2017 11:17:22 -0000, Birdbrain Macaw (now "James Wilkinson"),
the pathological attention whore of all the uk ngs, blathered again:

Struck a bollard, and the bollard didn't save the pedestrians? Then why
was it there? Those things are ridiculous, I know of several which are
placed precisely where wheelchairs want to get onto the pavement.

What could be more ridiculous than your endless idiotic drivel, Birdbrain?

More of Birdbrain Macaw's (now "James Wilkinson" LOL) pathological
"Why do you believe it's worth avoiding a crash with a cyclist if he's in
the wrong?"

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