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Gawnsoft May 30th 04 09:49 PM

The _Observer_ on "deadly" bike lanes
On Sun, 30 May 2004 20:50:51 +0100, Helen Deborah Vecht
wrote (more or less):

Gawnsoft typed

Bizarre - I was sure that Millport and Great Cumbrae are in

Umm isn't it officially 'North Ayrshire'? It is on my AutoRoute...

Ah, that'll be it. I can't keep up with all these local government
boundary changes...

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iarocu May 31st 04 04:05 PM

The _Observer_ on "deadly" bike lanes
Helen Deborah Vecht wrote in message Quite! I usually used Dumbarton Road.
Crossing the Clyde was a problem...

Yes, other than one trip with young children along the cycle track
I,ve always used Dumbarton Rd. The cycle track has the usual problems
of poor surfaces, neds, sharp corners, poor sightlines.
I don't commute in this bit of the city so I can take the time
to use the more pleasant Clyde crossings - the Renfrew Ferry or Bells
Bridge. I,ve only used the fabled Clyde cycle tunnel once. The south
side entrance is in a dodgy area and has the disadvantage of the
approach being between through a narrow cutting all the better for
bottles being dropped on you. Then there's the claustrophobic feeling
that should you chance upon a group of rowdy buckfast boys theres no
space to manouver round them. Should be OK most of the time but a
place to avoid on Friday or Saturday nights.

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