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Frank Krygowski[_4_] June 5th 17 05:34 PM

Brief movie review
Watched "Rising from Ashes" last night via Netflix. It's a documentary
about Jock Boyer (former U.S. Tour de France cyclist) going to Rwanda
and developing a Rwandan cycling team. The intent was to help the
country recover from the Rwandan genocide a decade or two prior.

It documents village kids with horrible memories becoming trained as
competitive cyclists, then racing in other countries including the USA,
and eventually vying for the Olympics. There's some heartwarming stuff,
but also some mention of unintended consequences, such as being harassed
by community members who think the kids are now rich.

There's some treatment of Boyer's personal problems stemming from a
broken home, although it's hard for me to sympathize with a guy who did
jail time for molesting an 11-year-old.

The movie would be interesting to those who like cycling.

- Frank Krygowski

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