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Tmac-100 December 17th 06 02:59 AM

western Provence in France
SNIP all the blather....


Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
Saint Edward the Great - Order of the Perpetual Sorrows - Minnesota

Thanks you, Ed, for your humor!. I lived in Minnesota in the late 1980s
while at the U on Mn and met all kinds.. Many are my friends and I
regularly cross the border to spend $$ in MN and in ND.

That said, I have never heard such blather from any other Minnesotan.
Are you SURE you are from MN, or are you just saying you are to cover
your ass??

By the way, is there a Saint Edward the Small? Where are these places
located? I know where saint paul is since I lived there, but Saint
Edward, Minnesota?? Should I look for it with "mapquest", or just ignore

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