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Frank Krygowski wrote:

I'm far from convinced that blinking taillights are effective in any way
in daylight. I've watched their popularity grow for many years now. I
almost never see a daytime taillight before I see the cyclist
himself/herself. And even in the few cases where I've seen the light
first, it's never come close to making a practical difference.

I'm ambivalent on that one.

On the other hand, just a few days ago, I saw a rider with a blinking
headlight in the daytime. That definitely got my attention, but only
because it piqued my attention as a cyclist. He was on the other side
of a hard median. I can't think of any reasonable use case for a
blinking headlight, unless riding against traffic. And if I remember
correctly, those aren't legal under the Vehicle Code.

Regarding the differences in flash modes: On one bike I still have a
very early Vistalight taillight, powered by two AA batteries. I'd
describe it as twinkling, rather than flashing, because the on-off
frequency is so high. I think this is probably adequate for getting
night time attention, and without the (theoretical?) problem of being
hard for motorists to accurately locate.

Interesting description. I'd love to see what it actually looks like.


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