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Simon Mason
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"Just zis Guy, you know?" wrote in message
In case you're interested and/or didn't know, Simon Ward has emailed me to
say that he is no longer the official FAQ keeper for this NG, and the FAQ

essentially in abeyance.

There are those who think FAQs are obsolete, but I'm not one of them (not
least because they act as a sort of homepage for a Usenet group).

I have it in mind to resurrect the FAQ and update it. But not if anyone
else wants to because I have plenty of other things to do with my time.

I could also host it on my free ISP webspace (not my home server which can
be subject to arbitrary outage, e.g. when I decide to break it trying to
apply an update). Unless anyone else has a robustly hosted site where

would be prepared to host it (several possibilities spring to mind).

Your thoughts?

I would say that the fully searchable nature of Google Groups means that a
faq is virtually obsolete now.



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