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Just zis Guy, you know? wrote:

That was Simon Ward's view, but searching doesn't give you the charter /
purpose (albeit that one can infer it from hierarchy), or some of the
historical sidenotes (e.g. helmets) which can reduce the incidence / length
of repetitive threads.

Another point, of course, is that searching Google Groups for info on
something like lids will produce the sort of response which it will take
quite a bit of heavy trawling to garner anything conclusive from. A FAQ
gets the distillation done up front, hopefully in a way that reflects
Received Wisdom, where opening x random posts from a flamefest won't.
Quick test-ette, asking about "helmets" gives you "about 4,230"
articles... Rather less useful for a quick query than the wee bit on
Guy's existing Not The FAQ page.

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