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Simon Mason wrote:

"Just zis Guy, you know?" wrote in message

There are those who think FAQs are obsolete, but I'm not one of them (not
least because they act as a sort of homepage for a Usenet group).

I have it in mind to resurrect the FAQ and update it. But not if anyone
else wants to because I have plenty of other things to do with my time.

Your thoughts?

I would say that the fully searchable nature of Google Groups means that a
faq is virtually obsolete now.


I can imagine some threads even longer than we get now arguing merits or
otherwise of h*lm*ts and even whether such a subject has a place in an FAQ.

They are today rather pointless.

Instead of being helpful to a 'newbie' asking a question, we'll have curt
"Refer to the FAQ" answers instead of the more useful help that was requested.

My vote is a No.

John B


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