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Default Provence this September

On Sat, 12 Jun 2004 13:06:26 +0000, GLH1013 wrote:

Now we are talking about reservations for us and for our bikes. What
happens if we go to the train station at CDG Airport and say we want to
catch the next train to Avignon and we want to take our bikes with us, and
that we have no reservations and want to make them at that time and catch
the next train? And we say this in English? We could still have them in
the boxes from the plane or unpacked.
Is this doable?

If you can't find a way to put your bikes in the TGV, there is still the
option of using regional trains (TER). Many or most TER have compartments
where you can load your bike for free without the need for packing it.
The drawback is double:
- these trains are much slower as they usually stop everywhere, and you
will have to change train several times. But it is probably possible, by
leaving Paris early in the morning, to get to Avignon on the same day.
- these trains are organized by region. Some regions will have as a rule
that all TERs accept bikes; other will allow bikes on specific trains. All
the information is in principle available from the SNCF web site (look at
regional timetables), but the format is not the same for all regions.

Despite these problems, I have been able to bring my loaded bike from
Marseille back to Geneva using TERs without specific bike-related problems
(the more general problem was that SNCF was on strike that week-end...).

If you choose to use the TER option and you have trouble decoding the
timetables in French, send me an e-mail with your planned dates and I will
try to spend half an hour to figure out a schedule for you.


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