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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

Oh I do so love it when you shoot yourself so spectacularly in the foot because, clearly, you can't be bothered to read the whole report;

Most Popular Outdoor Activities by Participation Rate

1. Running, Jogging and trail Running
19% of Americans Ages 6+, 53.2 million participants
2. Freshwater, Sal****er and Fly Fishing
16% of Americans Ages 6+, 46.0 million participants
3. Road Biking, Mountain Biking and BMX
15% of Americans Ages 6+, 42.3 million participants
4. Car, Backyard and RV camping
13% of Americans Ages 6+ 38.0 million participants
5. Hiking
12% of Americans Ages 6+, 34.5 million participants

I seem to recall that you're not too keen on people running on trails either ? :-). Only your reverential attitude to nature should be permitted on trails is, I believe, your position ?

And, if I could draw your attention to the first time participants table, on Page 14 of the report, hiking comes near the bottom there. People are taking up other outdoor activities.

Your comments about email are meaningless because there is currently a shift to commenting and chat apps ... just as Usenet was itself superceded by forums.

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